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About Us



We are a small family-own business based in Utah.  We are originally from the islands of Fiji, and as part of our traditional upbringing, we used many herbal and natural supplements and remedies.  In an effort to bring this holistic and cultural background to a wider audience, we offer Herbal Island, a place to find the best we can offer.




We are proud to be able to sell what we love. Herbal Island has an on-going commitment to developing a robust, synergistic, global supply chain that benefits all members of that chain, from the growers to you, the end consumer.  By purchasing direct from the source, we can offer the freshest products at lower prices. Our goal is that by making these historic and traditional products more available and accessible, we can make a more positive impact in our customers’ lives and health.




Due to our extensive background in using and handling these kinds of products, we expertly prepare and package our products to ensure that you receive the freshest product of the highest quality. All our products are double-packed in zip-locked, air-tight packages for the best protection of the integrity of the contents.  You can be sure that when you receive your product, it will be secure and not exposed to any contaminants or spillage.



We endeavor to provide world-class service to all our customers, and work hard to ship our products as quickly as possible.  We also take pride in the products we offer, and have a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.  We believe you will be very pleased with the products we offer, and we will continue to expand our product line to bring you the best nature has to offer for you and your health.



We are always striving for improvement and have recently updated our logo and labels. The products are still the same great quality we have just improved our labels to include a bit more information.





Address: PO Box 246 , Copperton UT, 84006 USA

Email: Support@Herbal-Island.com

Phone: 801-696-7009

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